Four Tips On Dealing With A Cracked Phone Screen

A cracked phone screen can be quite an annoying problem to deal with, but there are always other options you can consider. You can choose to get your screen fixed or buy a new phone – the choice you make depends on the cost of repairs, your budget or even if you are on a payment plan. However, the good news is that a cracked screen can be replaced by a professional and you might not need to splurge on a new phone just yet – but this would also depend on how much damage it has encountered.

First Back Up Your Data

Make sure all your important pictures, documents or videos are backed up before doing anything else. There is a risk of the phone being so damaged that none of your data can be accessible – this can usually happen in extreme situations. Often times the damage caused inside the phone might not be visible at all until you start using it, so save all important data. If you are lucky, the damage might simply look bad because of a cracked screen that needs to be replaced.

Hire Someone To Repair The Phone

If you simply cannot afford to buy a new phone and your phone is actually in decent condition despite the cracked screen, you can consider phone repair. But you need to carefully select a place to get your phone fixed and find a reputed outlet that is known for providing quality work. There are different kinds of services offered by establishments to consider. You can do your own research and check out what they might offer or get a friend’s recommendation.

About Insurance And Warranty

Before heading out to a well known phone repair shop in Hong Kong make sure you are aware of the warranty period, however, this may not guarantee that you will get a free replacement. There are phone insurance covers that come from the network carrier service itself or that are even included with bank accounts. Some manufacturers might consider the warranty void if you have gone for independent or third-party repair, so try to contact the manufacturer first, especially if you have a new phone.

Contact The Manufacturer

Some brands offer protection or warranty plans, which can offer screen replacements as well. It can be helpful to find out about the warranty period and services that they might offer if the phone gets severely damaged. You can either contact a support hotline or find out more by directly going to the store of the manufacturer where they might offer replacements for screens.