Things To Do During Your Courtship Period


Courtship period is the time between your engagement and your wedding. This is the time you will spend deciding about your marriage with your partner. This is also the time you will plan your wedding and life after wedding. Here are a few things to do during your courtship period. 

Spend some quality time together 

This is the time where you can spend all the time you want together without people raising any eyebrows and also the only time you get to spend some quality time together while you get to go back home before you meet again. This will help you evaluate your time with your partner during your time alone. 

Let go of any inhibitions 

Stop being shy and let go of all your inhibitions. This is the time you can drop the veil and be real with your partner. This will not only help your partner get to know you better but it will also the two of you bond and make the relationship stronger. 

Go for a trip together 

You get to know the real person when you travel alone with them. You know how they handle stress, responsibility and how they like to have fun. What their interests are and what make them laugh. You can use this time to get your overseas pre wedding photo shoot sorted. 

Plan your wedding details 

While you get your dress and seating and gifts sorted with your BFF, take this time to sort out mutual details about the wedding organized with your partner. Hire the best wedding photographer in town to capture your moment together. Make sure you and he both are on the same page regarding the venue. Sort out seating arrangements for yours and his families. Get your friends to meet so there are no awkward moments during the wedding. 

Let him mingle with your people 

Get him to meet your friends and family. Let him hang out with you while you are out with your girly gang. Let him spend a lazy Sunday with your family at your house. This way he will know exactly what your life is all about and help him get to know a little better. This is will also help your friends and family get to know your partner and future husband better as well. 

Look good always 

Courtship period is where you want your partner to know how lucky he is to be getting married to you. Dress to kill at any and all occasion where you and him are going together. Look your best whenever you are out with him. You want him to feel proud of having your by his side and make him want to introduce you to his friends and family. Courtship period is one of the most romantic time you and your partner are going to have. Make sure to make it count.